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Bill Livingston, owner of bikingforalifetime.com Has been doing family biking for most of his life.

Ive been doing family biking for my whole life … which is a LONG time!

Hi!  My name is Bill Livingston and I’m the owner of BikingForaLifetime.com.  I’ve been doing family biking as long as I can remember.  I’m not talking about aggressive road bikes or expensive mountain bikes.  My type of biking is riding an inexpensive but well-built bicycle from manufacturers like Schwinn, Huffy, Cannondale, Murray and the like, and cycling around with the kids, my spouse, friends and family members.  To give you an idea of how we like to cycle, my bike doesn’t have a saddle … it has a large, soft memory foam seat.  You can see the seat in the picture below of my and my wife’s bikes on the back of our camper.

Take a look around the site for all types of products and information on family style cycling.  I launched the site in early 2017 with just bicycle trailers for toddlers.  Through the year, I intend to add information, articles and reviews for Spherovelo-type push bikes for 10 to 24-month old kids, balance bikes for children 2 to 5 years old, bicycles for toddlers through adults, tag-along trailer cycles, and biking accessories.
If you can think of anything else you’d like to see that’s related to bicycling with your family, just let me know.

Have fun looking around!

Biking as a Kid

I think my first bicycle was a used banana bike my Dad bought, fixed up and gave to me for Christmas when I was around 5 years old.  I used to be on that thing every day biking around our San Diego neighborhood, riding to school and “popping wheelies” with my friends.

My family eventually moved to New York State in the country south of Buffalo where I had an old three-speed to get me around.  I learned the hard way (too many times) that it’s not easy riding a bike designed for pavement on a bunch of gravel roads.  I also learned on one of my trips down a gravel road why you should always wear a helmet when cycling!  Unfortunately, bicycle helmets had not yet been made commonly available, so I bumped my noggin more than once!


Biking as a Young Adult

Rode this Toyota rather than riding a bike

This is what I rode instead of riding a bicycle. Nice, isn’t it? 🙂

When I got out of high school and was first in the Navy in Florida, I would ride my bike all over the base.  At that time, I lived, worked and shopped on base, so a bicycle was the best mode of transportation for me.  I had an inexpensive 10-speed at the time that was my constant companion.

There was a time, though, after I got married and left the Navy when I got out of cycling and my major mode of transport was my automobile (see the picture to the left).  I even drove the short distance to the college across the street where I played soccer.  Talking about lazy!  Sometimes my wife and I would put our bicycles on a rack on the back of the beauty you see to the left and drive to the beach where we’d go riding.


Biking as a Family

Once my wife and I started our family, though, we both got back into it.  We spent many years riding our bicycles around Germany with our two kids.  We started when our youngest son was small, so he rode in a child seat for a couple years.  We also periodically pulled him around in an old-style bike trailer.  We lived in the Rhine valley near Heidelberg where there are TONS of biking trails.  Bicycling in Germany is awesome!  Check out this map of bicycle trails in Germany to see what I mean!

From the time the kids were very young until they graduated from high school, we did a ton of family biking.  Most of the time, my wife and I rode cruisers while the kids rode “fancy” bikes like this.  We never measured our distances but we went at least 15 miles a week.  It surely added up to many hundreds of miles, if not over a thousand!


Biking as an Old Guy

bicycles mounted on back of camper

Our bikes on the back of our camper

When the kids moved off to live on their own, my wife and I began bike riding with friends and family around the neighborhood and around campgrounds where we were camping, which we’ve been doing for over 10 years.  You should see us driving down the road pulling our camper with the bikes on a bike carrier on the back of the camper and kayaks on top of the truck.

In 2017, I decided to take my love of family style biking online with BikingForaLifetime.com.  The idea of the site is to provide information and reviews on bikes, accessories, gear and at some point, I’ll add details on biking trails and events.  Have a look around and drop me a line if you have any comments for improvement or would like to see me add other family biking related equipment.


Enjoy biking with family!

Bill Livingston

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