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Burley’s “Bee” bicycle trailer is one of their most popular and practical units, and 90 percent of the reviewers who posted ratings on Amazon gave it either four or five stars. Satisfied customers enjoyed the trailer’s lightweight aluminum frame and the ease of assembly and breakdown for travel. Disappointed users cited problems with fitting two children in the seating area of the trailer and the inability to convert it into a jogging stroller. There were also some scattered complaints about the trailer’s lack of any suspension or shocks and it’s price. This Burley Bee review goes into detail about the features, pros and cons, and what folks think after having used it.


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Top Features of the Burley Bee Bike Trailer

Compact and Simple to Carry and Store

The Burley Bee bicycle cart is super compact when you fold its frame into itself. You can easily stick it in a coat closet by the door so that you can just grab and go when you’re ready to bike with the little ones. You can also put it into the trunk of the car in the event that you want to take them somewhere a bit further from your home.

Keeps the Sun Out of Their Eyes

This unit provides something that a lot of the others don’t seem to: tinted windows. These windows keep out the rays of the sun, stopping them from burning the skin of your children. They also work to keep the sun out of their eyes so that their experience is just generally more pleasurable.

Ventilated Rear Window for Maximum Airflow

Another unique thing about the Burley Bee is the fact that it features rear window ventilation. Sometimes, the cabin can get a little stuffy if there isn’t enough airflow. Not with the Burley Bee. This bike cart is perhaps the best when it comes to breathability. You’ll know for a fact that your kids are as comfortable as they are secure when using this trailer!


First, the Burley Bee is designed and tested to meet or exceed ASTM F1975-09 safety standards.  It includes strong side battens that create a structured barrier between the wheels and your kids. And, it has wheel guards for protection from unforeseen obstacles.  The seats have a five-point harness system and a full internal aluminum roll cage for protection.  The side and rear windows are tinted and rated UPF 30.

Quick Release Wheels

The 20″ wheels on the Burley Bee Bike Trailer are extremely durable. What you’ll like the most about them, though, is that they further the compact nature of the bike trailer. They also feature push-button technology that releases the wheels immediately so that you don’t have to mess around with taking them apart in order to store the trailer away.

Comes with Everything You Need to Bike

Finally, the Burley Bee comes complete with anything you could think of to get started biking right away. It comes with a hitch for attaching the cabin to virtually any bike. It also features a sturdy tow arm and an eye-catching safety flag that improves the visibility of the trailer.

Pros of the Burley Bee Bike Carriage:

  • All inclusive kit comes with everything you need to use right away
  • Compact; easy to transport and to stow away
  • 5-point harness system and aluminum roll cage for protection
  • Rear window ventilation for maximum breathability and airflow
  • Tinted windows for sun protection
  • Strong heat treated aluminum frame and forged aluminum hitch
  • Twin hammock style seating provides passive suspension for comfort
  • Weight is just 20lbs, 8 oz. that is very stable with a low center of gravity

Cons of the Burley Bee Bike Carriage:

  • Price. Some of the Burley Bee reviews have stated that the price is a little more expensive than they prefer. As mentioned earlier, though, you get what you pay for.  Many reviewers think it is worth the price considering all the unique features, such as the tinted windows, that help keep away the harmful sun as well as the extra airflow that comes from the rear window ventilation.
  • Lack of any suspension or shocks.  There were a few reviewers who didn’t like that a unit at this price point didn’t have an active suspension.
  • Not a ton of room for two children.

What are the Burley Bee Reviews saying?

Multiple happy owners of this trailer point to how much their children love to ride in it. Some kids even liked it so much they refused to get out and begged to be pulled for longer distances. Since so many avid bike riders take their bikes with them on vacation, the ability to fold this trailer up also won customers over. The 20-inch wheels even pop off with a simple push-button system. Other features leading reviewers to give this trailer high marks included the nylon fabric that encloses the trailer and the tinted windows that help prevent riders from getting too much glare and heat from the sun. Strategic rear-window venting design on the trailer additionally makes this trailer a top seller in the category.

The aluminum frame features heat-treated construction elements that make the roll cage and mounting hitch very sturdy and durable. This trailer is also designed to exceed safety standards thanks to key factors like wheel guards, five point harnessing for riders, and solid sides that can withstand a rollover. A quick-release system gives riders extra confidence as well because it is designed to detach in the event of any kind of crash by the bike rider. There’s even a safety flag and multiple reflectors mounted on the bike to improve visibility. The company itself tests the trailers for safety with a variety of different methods that they claim are “the toughest out there.”

This solid trailer also comes with an ample amount of cargo storage and hammock style seating. The weight limit for safe use is 100 pounds. The fabric snaps easily around the frame and can be personalized or adjusted for a variety of different weather conditions. It can even be transformed into a convertible so children riding in it can catch a good breeze on a hot day.

One crucial aspect that reviewers of this trailer appreciated the most was the smooth ride, with one particular Amazon customer reporting, “It’s almost part of the bicycle itself.” Smart design and construction helps to keep the trailer centered perfectly behind the bike without any wheel wobbling or tipping danger resulting from normal use.

Customers who thoroughly enjoyed this biking baby carriage sometimes called it their “second car” and frequently referred to it as an “essential” piece of equipment. Some users only made the initial purchase with the intention to take the trailer out on special occasions, but instead, they wound up using it every chance they could after they bought it. This is a testament to the thrill and excitement the passengers and rider both experience on long rides together. A product like this is a fantastic tool for encouraging more kids to spend time outdoors and more time with their parents as well. It also obviously inspires parents to go for bike rides more frequently. The kids riding in the trailer also get to see what bike riding is all about, which makes them more likely to join their parents when they are old enough to pedal the wheels themselves.

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  • Riders: 1 or 2
  • Capacity (lb/kg): 100 / 45
  • Weight Including Towbar, Hitch, Flag (lb/kg): 19.95 / 9.1
  • Interior Seated Height (in/cm): 27.5 / 69.9
  • Interior Seat Width (in/cm): 22.5 / 57.1
  • Interior Shoulder Width (in/cm): 22 / 55.9
  • Seated Leg Room (in/cm): 21 / 53.3
  • Window UV Protection Rating: UPF 30
  • Cargo Space (in³/liters): 2700/44.3
  • Wheel Size (in/cm): 20 / 51
  • Size Open L x W x H (in): 32.25 x 30 x 36
  • Size Open L x W x H (cm): 82.6 x 76.2 x 91.4
  • Size Folded L x W x H (in): 35.5 x 29.25 x 11.25
  • Size Folded L x W x H (cm): 90.2 x 74.3 x 28.6


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