Burley Cub -Safety First- Bike Trailer for Kids

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5/5 on May 2, 2017

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Check out all the safety features of this high-end bike trailer.

I’ve heard a number of parents ask, “are bike trailers safe?”  We’ll the Burley Cub is one of the safest bicycle trailers built!  The Cub is the largest and strongest bike trailer for kids available in the Burley line up. This unit is, by far, the cream-of-the-crop with features you just don’t see that often!  If superior quality, safety, and security are what you’re seeking, take a good look at the Burley Cub!


Ultra safe bike trailer for kids-the Burley Cub

This Burley bike trailer features an ultra-durable, double-walled molded base, ideal for safe daily use on any terrain. Its adjustable suspension system and insulating base design ensure a smooth, quiet ride on any road. With seating for one or two children, it includes a retractable sunshade, reclining seats and tinted side windows.

Not only is the Burley Cub a great, safe bike trailer, but it also easily converts info a stroller or a jogger that works beautifully if you’re a runner in addition to a biker.

The first really great thing I noticed about this trailer is the hard plastic floor that adds a lot of strength, making it ideal for any terrain you choose to explore.  A lot of the other trailers I’ve seen have a soft cloth floor… not the best for the safety of your kids, especially if you like cross-country riding.

An outstanding feature that enhances the ride comfort for your kids is the adjustable suspension that smooths bumps in the road.  This, added to the passive suspension from the hammock-style seat really enhances rider comfort.

Plus, the wheels are larger than many other bike trailers at 20 inches which adds to the “all-terrain” capability.  The black alloy wheels look great and the push buttons on the hub make it a snap to remove them for storage or transport.

Yet another great safety feature of this Burley bike trailer is the easy-to-engage parking brake that keeps it from moving when you don’t want it to.  And when you are moving, this trailer is designed so the stroller handles easily rotates forward to become a safety roll bar!

Reviewers have pointed out that this Burley bike trailer tracks beautifully, corners easily and is very well balanced.

The cargo space is huge, with 50 liters of enclosed storage area for parents’ gear or daypacks.  You can carry a ton of gear, snacks, toys, or anything else you might need for a day of fun. The seats can be un-clipped and laid flat to maximize your space when you have kid-free errands to run.

The Cub has Burley’s “all-kit” compatibility for optional conversions from bike trailer to stroller or a jogger.


Here’s a user review on the Burley Cub Bike Trailer from Burley.com that I found useful.  You should also check out the reviews on Amazon.

♂  The Burley Cub Bike Trailer 4 out of 5 starsEveline. a year ago   (https://burley.com/product/cub/)

Burley Cub Bicycle Trailer

The Burley Cub tracks beautifully and is a safe, smooth ride for your kids with the adjustable suspension and passive hammock-style seats.

As a Stroller:

We have two young children (21 and 7 months old) and to make transporting them a little easier, we bought a double stroller. We sold it when we got the Burley cub, because it is easier to maneuver, has more storage space and is still small enough to fit in our trunk and through doorways. Together with the Cub we bought the two wheel stroller kit. It works fine, but there are some minor flaws… One of the wheels doesn’t touch the ground, and hence doesn’t always turn when I want it to. Especially on slippery (or very smooth floors) it’s no problem outside, unless you want to make a sharp turn. It is also a lot of work to change from trailer to stroller with the two wheel kit (but the one wheel kit doesn’t have that problem)

Cargo space is enormous and sufficient for transporting my groceries (or two diaper bags and a deryan travel cot)


– Easy to maneuver (even fully loaded) – Spacious cargo area – Fits through normal doorways – beautifully designed


One of the stroller wheels doesn’t touch the ground (even when loaded) – Stroller wheels don’t always swivel in the right direction. Sometimes they even block and I manually have to adjust them. – Screen doesn’t go all the way up. (you can hold the rain cover up, not the entire cover, so kids are always covered with mesh)

As a bike trailer:

The design makes it easy to get your childres in and out

The spacious compartment has Padded Spring Integrated Technology ( S.I.T.™) Seats that prevent tangled straps and simplifies getting your kids in and out of the trailer.

As a bike trailer, the cub runs smoothly and is surprisingly lightweight. We decided to go for the cub as Dutch weather is known for being unpredictable and the hard bottom prevents the children from getting soaking wet. It works really well… Last ride I started off in the sun, but along the ride it started raining and I even had to go through some hail. The kids were still dry and smiling. (yes, they love it!)

Even though the cub is compact, I drove around my very tall 7 and 5 year old nieces and they were fine in it (snug, but not tight).

The brake rattles a bit while riding, but it doesn’t bother me. There are two things that do bother me-

The seat doesn’t recline (as the information states) it can be loosened, but that doesn’t allow for a sleeping position. Also the seat is too narrow for the cub. My oldest likes to rest her head against the window but that is impossible, because there is too much space between the window and the seat.

Also it is difficult to attach the trailer to the bike when it is not completely straight. My bike stand puts the bike in a slightly sloped position and I need someone to hold it up before I can attach the trailer.


– Lightweight (even with a 7 and 5 year old) – Spacious – Easy to tow – Weather proof – Spacious cargo area – Visible due to lights


– Seat doesn’t recline – Seat is slightly narrow – Brake rattles whilst riding

Overall I am really happy with the cub and hope to use it for many years!


Take the Burley Cub on unpaved bike trails

This bicycle trailer is safe and comfortable enough for all types of terrain.

Key Features of the Burley Cub:

  • Ready To Bike: includes hitch, tow arm and safety flag
  • Designed and tested to meet or exceed ASTM F1975-09 safety standards, clearly a Safety First Bike Trailer!
  • Adjustable handlebar fits parents of any height and doubles as an additional roll bar when folded forward in biking mode
  • Wheel guards for protection from unforeseen obstacles
  • Side battens create structured barrier between wheels and passenger, adding to the safety features
  • Reflective materials and reflectors for visibility (front, rear and wheels)
  • Heat treated 6061-T6 aluminum frame tubes and hinges keep the Burley Cub as light as possible
  • Adjustable suspension system and hammock-style seat provides passive suspension for rider comfort
  • Flex Connector allows bike to lay flat while trailer remains upright
  • Hard plastic bottom provides durability, with drain holes for easy cleaning (Narrowest hard-bottom bike trailer on the market today)
  • Retractable sunshade and side windows provide UPF 30 UV protection, block 96-97.4% of UV light
  • Spacious rear cargo area
  • Bowed-out sides for extra shoulder room
  • Seat release buckles collapse seat down for easy conversion from carrying kids to hauling cargo
  • Spring Integrated Technology ( S.I.T.™) seating prevents tangled straps and simplifies getting your children in and out of the trailer
  • Easy-to-use parking brake
  • 20″ black alloy, push button lock for quick removal of the wheels
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transportation
  • All weather cover with waterproof zippers
  • Five-point harness and padded shoulder harness for added safety and comfort for your kids
  • Removable, washable seat pad & shoulder harness
  • Interior pockets in both cargo area and child seating area
  • For one or two kids
  • Compatible with: Burley 2-Wheel Stroller Kit, One-Wheel Stroller Kit, Double Jogger Kit, Baby Snuggler, Standard Forged Hitch, Handlebar Console, Trailer Storage Cover, and We! Ski Kit.


  • Riders: 1 or 2
  • Capacity (lb/kg): 100 / 45
  • Weight (lb/kg): 37 / 16.8
  • Interior Seated Height (in/cm): 24.5 / 62.2
  • Interior Shoulder Width (in/cm): 25.5 / 64.8
  • Interior Seat Width (in/cm): 22/55.9
  • Interior Seated Leg Room (in/cm): 19/ 55.3
  • Cargo Space (in/liters): 3100/50.8
  • Wheel Size (in/cm): 20 / 51
  • Handlebar Height (in/cm): 30-46 / 76-117
  • Size Open L x W x H (in/cm): 36 x 31 x 38.25  /  91.4 x 78.7 x 97.2
  • Size Folded L x W x H (in/cm): 35.75 x 31 x 13.5  /  90.8 x 78.7 x 34.3


1 year on fabric parts, 5 years on plastic parts, lifetime-of-trailer on durable frame parts.

Are you still asking “are bike trailers safe?”

Get more information About this Safety First Bike Trailer on Amazon!

Burley Cub Folded for Storage

View of the Burley Cub folded. Allows for very easy storage and transport.

The storage compartment is very large at 50 liters.

You can easily carry a ton of extra gear, toys, snacks and supplies with the 50 liter storage compartment

The design makes it easy to get your childres in and out

The spacious compartment has Padded Spring Integrated Technology ( S.I.T.™) Seats that prevent tangled straps and simplifies getting your kids in and out of the trailer.

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