InStep Bike Trailer. Take 2 Double Bike Carriage for Toddlers

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InStep Take 2 Double Bike Carriage for Toddlers Folds for Easy Transport

No need to worry about this InStep bike trailer taking up a bunch of room – it folds into a very compact size.

The InStep Take 2 is one of the best bicycle carriage values you can find right now!  The price is just a little over $100 and the user reviews are outstanding.  Look below to see how high the Amazon reviews are … it gets an average 4.5 stars from over 1000 customers!  I definitely agree with those 1000+ people.

Spacious, Sturdy and High Quality

Perhaps the most important thing with a pull behind bike trailer is the kids’ comfort and safety. The InStep Take 2 provides both of these things. You’ll notice immediately that this bicycle cart is exceptionally well built and sturdy, made up of a durable steel frame that does not wobble unnecessarily or feel like its going to come loose. It can hold two small children with a combined weight up to 80 pounds.


pull behind bike trailer for kids

The lightweight frame makes this bike cart easy to tow.


  • Extremely well built stainless steel frame
  • Pneumatic, 16-inch tires that are durable
  • Folding frame design with quick release wheels make for compact storage
  • 2-in-1 canopy includes a bug screen and weather shield that comes with a cargo area and storage pockets inside
  • It attaches to virtually any bicycle you might own
  • Breathable cover, roomy and overall very comfortable for the toddlers
  • Versatile coupler attaches to most bicycles
  • 5-point safety harness for added safety over a typical 3-point harness

Well-made Tires

The InStep Take 2 Double bike carriage comes complete with strong, tough tires that give a smooth, fairly comfortable ride for your toddlers.  With 16″ tires and no active suspension, though, it’s best to stay on pavement and smooth trails.  The molded rims seem durability as well, providing a strong foundation for the rest of the carriage.

Convenient Storage

This impressive bike trailer comes with quick-release wheels, and it has a folding frame that makes tucking it into any closet, under a bed or in the trunk of your car a total breeze. This lets you tote it around when you want to drive to a location to go biking.

bike carriage for kids

The lightweight canopy allows plenty of air flow

2-in-1 Canopy

With this InStep bike trailer 2-in-1 canopy, your children are protected from the elements. The canopy serves as both a shield against bugs and works to protect them from the weather as well.  The included weather shield is wonderful; you can go anywhere, any day, without worrying about them getting wet.

Versatile Coupler

The InStep Take 2 has an attachment that is secure and strong, leaving you worry-free about it detaching or otherwise coming loose while in use. The coupler will attach to most bikes.

First impression of the InStep Take 2 Double Bike Carriage for Toddlers

As soon as you take the trailer out of its packaging, you’ll see that it was well made. The sturdy steel frame will the first thing you notice. You’ll feel confident that it will never bend or warp, no matter how much you use it. You will notice that the canopy is soft and breathable. You’ll also notice the solid wheels and how well made they are.


  • Great value for the money
  • Very strong steel frame will keep your children safe and secure inside
  • Tows nicely and is rock solid with a low center of gravity making it quite stable in turns
  • Easily folds up to a very compact size and the wheels are removable so it’s easy to store and transport
  • Easy to put together our of the box


  • The mesh in the front of the cabin on this pull behind Bicycle Trailer features larger holes than you might want. It will definitely give your kids a nice breeze, but having dirt get into those holes may be unpleasant.
  • Don’t expect the cover’s material to last forever.  It’s very light weight and many reviewers said it starts to wear after just 1 – 2 years.  To help the fabric last, it would be best to not leave it outside.
  • The straps that hold your toddlers is not padded and is quite thin, so it may irritate your kid’s neck, as some reviewers have pointed out.
  • Some reviewers have said the seat allows their toddlers to slide out of it making it uncomfortable for them.

What is Included with the Pull Behind Trailer

inside view of pull behind bicycle carriage

Plenty of room for two toddlers in this bike trailer

The InStep Take 2 comes with:

  • Bug and weather canopy
  • Safety flag to attach to the bike trailer which I absolutely love; since the trailer sits so low, it affords it more visibility
  • Coupler to attach the bike trailer to nearly any bicycle
  • All of the hardware to assemble the product
  • Seat belts

Final Verdict

I would definitely recommend the InStep Take 2 Double Bike Carriage for your toddlers! If you or someone you know is a parent that enjoys taking semi-frequent bike rides, your kids will feel nice and secure with this cart. I say that not only because it is available at a nice, low price point, but because the steel frame is exceptionally well built, which will give you peace of mind as you ride. It will be fairly comfortable for your children, both in terms of keeping them out of the weather and away from bugs, but also because the cabin itself is roomy and airy. This InStep bike trailer makes storing it simple and painless, and the well-made tires come off with ease. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and I feel confident that I will get years of fun family time out of it.

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